Friday, 3 February 2012

Hoodie For your Dog

Looking around for something to keep your dog warm during this cold cold winter.

I have the perfect idea my Jack is such a pain in the bum he wont wear a dog T shirt or a dog Coat and he's so
sensitive to the cold (such a tough dog and a bit of cold weather comes and he turns to butter). But I am pleased to say we have the answer A Dog Hoodie they are warm, cosy , stylish and better yet you can design your own and for a really good price. Why not try one and treat your dog this winter and have a little fun too and dont forget show me those cute photo's.

Here are some shots of Jack showing of his favourite hoodie lol  

The Toy to Try

Do you have that dog that costs you a fortune on toys; want cheap dog toys look no further try

I would recomend
 Kong this has not worked for Jack but for other breeds give it a go why not.

Fiona's Price Guide
Zooplus - Large £ 6.99
Amazon - Large £ 7.53

Pets @ Home - Large £7.99

Happy Shopping !

Boys & Their Toys

Is there ever going to be a toy that a JRT cannot destroy?